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To Our Wonderfully Supportive Customers, Thank you for your support to help keep your local movie theater open and providing entertainment to families and individuals in our community.

Give the Gift of Movies

Grand Cinema Gift Cards make the best gifts!
They are available for online purchasing and at our concessions stand during business hours

$5 Wednesdays are Back!

Check below for films and showtimes

*not valid on Holidays or for movies opening that same week. 

Summer Hours:

Wednesdays & Thursdays: 4pm-8pm

Fridays: 12pm-10pm

Saturdays: 12pm-10pm

Sundays: 12pm-8pm

*Hours will be expanding June 19th!

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Coming Soon

A quiet place day one - June 28th 2024.jpg
A Quiet Place: Day One
PG-13 1hr 40min

Click Here to Watch the Trailer 
Opening June 28th
Showtimes coming soon!
A Quiet Place: Day One begins on an otherwise ordinary day in New York that is suddenly ripped apart by the arrival of horrific alien monsters that hunt by sound.

Now Showing

Inside out 2 - Newer poster - June 2024.jpg
Inside Out 2 in 2D & 3D*
PG 1hr 40min

Click Here to Watch the Trailer 
Showing Thursday at 4:30(3D) & 6:30
Showing Friday at 12:20, 2:20, 4:30(3D), 6:30 & 8:45
Showing Saturday at 12:20, 2:20, 4:20(3D), 6:30 & 8:45
Showing Sunday at 12:20, 2:20, 4:20(3D) & 6:30
*3D fees apply. 3D glasses can be purchased for $1. 
Bad Boys - June 7th 2024.jpg
Bad Boys: Ride or Die
R 1hr 55min

Click Here to Watch the Trailer 
Showing Wednesday & Thursday at 4:25 & 6:45
Showing Friday & Saturday at 12:45, 4:25, 6:45 & 9:05
Showing Sunday at 12:45, 4:25 & 6:45
The Watchers - June 2024.jpg
The Watchers
PG-13 1hr 42min

Click Here to Watch the Trailer 
Showing Wednesday & Thursday at 4:20 & 6:50
Showing Friday & Saturday at 12:10, 2:15, 4:20, 6:50 & 9:10
Showing Sunday at 12:10, 2:15, 4:20 & 6:50
Furiosa - May 2024.jpg
Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga
R 2hr 28min

Click Here to Watch the Trailer 
Showing Wednesday at 4:00 & 6:20
Showing Thursday at 6:20
Showing Friday & Saturday at 6:20 & 8:50
Showing Sunday at 6:20

*This could be the last weekend to see this film. Catch it before it's gone!

If - May 2024.jpg
Showing Wednesday at 4:30 & 6:35
Showing Thursday at 4:30

Showing Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 12:20, 2:25 & 4:30
Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes - May 2024.jpg
Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes
PG-13 2hr 25min

Click Here to Watch the Trailer 
Showing Wednesday & Thursday at 4:05 & 6:25
Showing Friday & Saturday at 12:50, 4:05, 6:25 & 8:50
Showing Sunday at 12:50, 4:05 & 6:25
the garfield movie 2024.jpg
The Garfield Movie in 2D & 3D*
PG 1hr 41min

Click Here to Watch the Trailer 
Showing Wednesday at 4:15(3D) & 6:50
Showing Thursday at 4:15 & 6:50
Showing Friday & Saturday at 12:15, 2:15, 4:15, 6:50 & 9:05
Showing Sunday at 12:15, 2:15, 4:15 & 6:50

*3D showings are marked above. 3D fees apply and glasses are available to purchase for $1. Wednesday, June 12th at 4:15 is the last 3D showing for this film. 
Auditorium Rentals Available

Our auditoriums are available to rent for meetings, powerpoint presentations, zoom meetings, private movies (provided by the person or group renting the auditorium) , gaming, parties, proposals, etc.

Rates during the hours when we're regularly open are $125.00 for the first 2 hours and $15.00 for each additional 15 minutes. That includes the use of the equipment to run a movie/game/powerpoint presentation/etc. This would be for matinee time frames meaning you would be done and out of the auditorium by 6pm. The rates to rent an auditorium after 6m would increase by $75.00 for any day other that Fri or Sat and and additional $100 on Fridays and Saturdays. 
Rates for times when we aren't regularly open are $225.00 for the first 2 hours and then $20.00 for each 15 minutes over that. Due to additional labor needs. 
Food and beverages are an important part of our business and therefore no food or beverages are allowed to be brought in other than birthday cake for example. Regular concessions are always available and plus we offer pizza, appetizers, etc!! You can even make a specific menu for your group if you'd like. You also get discounts on kitchen orders over $150.00 during your rental time. Specials on other items/packages can be arranged as well. 

This has been a fun way for people to get together! Plan a party and split the rental cost. We'll work with you on the details to make it fit your needs. Call or text Tim at 612-390-0415


coming soon
The best pizza around! We handcraft our pizzas with the freshest ingredients available, our own dough and sauce recipe, and made to order just for you. 

We offer delivery, carry-out, dine-in, or theater service!

Amazing benefits:

- Flexible Scheduling

- Free movies, popcorn & pop

- Food discounts

- Developing key life skills

- Leadership opportunities

- Free Cinema Swag (when available) 

Click to download our application

!Calling all Cinema Stars!

Apply and join our amazing team today!

You want to work in a fun environment that provides development opportunities, flexible scheduling, and exciting experiences. Grand Cinema is the place for you!

Applications can be downloaded here or picked up at Grand Cinema. Completed applications can be returned to Grand Cinema during any regularly scheduled open hours. 



*new release films are excluded from this promotion

Introducing $5 Wednesday Specials
at Grand Cinema! Not Valid on Holidays. Not valid New Year's Eve day or evening.

$5 Movies! This is a great way for you to see the latest Hollywood movies for a better price!


We have multiple different advertising opportunities for you to build awareness and a customer base for your brand. 

On-Screen Ads: Visit for information about getting your ad shown on the big screen!

Poster Advertisement: send us a message on how your business can get displayed in our poster displays in our hallway!

Matinee ticket prices:

$7.23 each plus tax

Adults are $7.65 plus tax

Evening ticket prices:

$8.30 plus tax

Adults are $8.59 plus tax


$5 tickets Wednesdays


*Prices subject to change


Grand Cinema Hinckley
845 Weber Ave S PO Box A
Hinckley MN 55037
Movie Line 320-384-7999
Office 1-320-384-7978


Grand Cinema Gift Cards make great gifts all year long! Cinema Gift Cards can also be used as rewards cards! Our gift cards can be used on any purchases here at Grand Cinema such as movie tickets, concessions, pizza, and more. They don't expire and you can purchase gift cards right now on our website.


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